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ParÓ is a family Company established in 1920

• With the experience of 90 years in textiles, ParÓ believes in the quality of its own product, which is controlled from the beginning to the end of the production process. Founded in 1921 by Mario Parravicini, ParÓ started producing fabrics for mattresses.

• ParÓ, Italian style. The the company has 6 production plants and has international distribution for over 3 generations.

• The aim that ParÓ has set itself is to achieve the excellence in quality of product and 2 service, made to obtain the greatest customer’s satisfaction. To comply with the fulfillment of the policy on Quality, the company has earned the accreditation certificate according to 
UNI ENISO9001:2001.



Tempotest« is a technical “outdoor” fabric manufactured with solution dyed acrylic fibre that, thanks to its chemical composition, is mould-resistant by nature.

ParÓ subjects all its fabrics to a special treatment, with a Tefl on based protection with nanotechnologies that gives the fabric partial repellent characteristics to dirt formation, oil and water repellence for a long time and an excellent dimensional stability.

Tempotest« fabric quality is guaranteed for 8 years. This guarantee is exclusively valid for only colour loss after normal exposure to the sun, salinity and general atmospheric conditions. Every single awning made with ParÓ fabrics contains a sewn textile certifi cate showing the cleaning procedure and advice on maintenance.